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Bathroom Rules Sign


Bathroom Rules Sign

Bathroom Rules:
If you lift it up, put it down.
If it runs out, replace it.
If you miss, clean it up.
If you're finished, flush it.
If it smells, spray it.
If you're taking too long, hurry up.

Warm, rustic charm combined with a variety of eye-catching and heart-warming designs make this pallet piece perfect! The raw wood material is just the right back drop for whatever you’d like to say. Every slotted board is handmade and will be unique. No two will be exactly alike.
• Perfect Pallet Boards Measure 14” x 14” x 2”
• Made of natural cedar wood slats. Enjoy the distinctive imperfections of real wood, as no two signs are alike!
• There is a Perfect Pallet for every occasion.
• Perfect size & ready to hang: Easy and versatile to hang or sit on your shelf.
• Proudly designed and printed in our small town shop in Rock Rapids, IA - USA.

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