Pet Memorial Key Ring - Forever By My Side


The "Forever by My Side" pet memorial keyring is a beautiful memento to keep your best friend always close to your heart.

Having this memorial item by you will forever provide you comfort by rekindling fond memories of your beloved pet.

The interior of the keychain vessel is empty for filling with things to remember the loved one by like cremation ash, dried flowers, a bit of pet clothing, fur, sand, or soil from the gravesite or even a small message on a piece of paper are all items suitable for filling.

The fill kit includes a small spoon, a funnel, and a pushing rod to make it easy to fill.

Filling tip: Make the seal on the pendant permanent by applying a tiny amount of glue to the threads of the stopper then seal up immediately.

The keyring comes in a velvet bag on a 25 mm ring and is made from rustproof grade stainless steel.

The paw measures .25 of an inch in-depth and is .75 of an inch in length by width.

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