My Friendship Bracelet Maker Expansion Pack, Be Magical


Everything you need to create fun and fashionable bracelets for you and your friends, which includes 40 pre-cut 100% cotton threads in 10 colors and 75 beads.

Expansion pack for our widely-acclaimed bracelet kit - make your own award-worthy gifts with this my friendship bracelet maker expansion pack. Make colorful memories with your friends - there's no better way to remember the fun times in our lives than with a colorful keepsake. Whether it be at school or during summer break, show your friends and family how much they mean to you by crafting unique, handmade gifts for each other. Fantastic for all ages - enjoy a fun, creative hobby for boys and girls of all ages. You are only limited by your creativity, so start crafting your next wearable, shareable symbol of friendship.

Makes 8-16 bracelets.

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