Klutz Fairy House


Bring three whimsical fairy dolls to life. Mix and match colorful glitter skirts, wooden beads, flowing yarn hair, and faux flowers to design and dress the fairies with twisted wire and glue.

Build their home and decorate it with teeny furniture, enchanted flowers, and faux moss. Finally they get to cut, bound & illustrate their  very own fairy-sized storybook featuring your three fairies on a rhyming adventure.

Klutz Enchanted Fairy House

  • Kit for crafting 3 fairy figurines, a fair home, and a fairy-sized storybook
  • Encourages fine motor skills, spatial reasoning, concentration, creativity, imaginative play
  • Make the fairies out of twisted wire, glue, yarn, wooden beads, glitter skirts, faux flowers
  • Build a fairy home with teeny furniture, flowers, faux moss
  • Cut, bind, and illustrated a fairy-sized storybook!
  • Includes craft materials for making 3 fairies, house, and mini book
  • 28-page book of instructions and inspiration included
  • Some household items required

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